10 Insane Movie Moments You Won't Believe You Never Spotted

You'll kick yourself for never catching these unhinged movie moments.

Pearl Harbor
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Movies are such densely-packed works of art - some of them, anyway - that it's impossible to catch every last thing a filmmaker is showing you across two hours projected at 24 frames per second.

All the same, sometimes a detail seems so completely wild that, in retrospect, you have to wonder how you never actually noticed it yourself.

But as ever, the fine folk at /r/MovieDetails are a keen-eyed bunch, and won't leave any stone unturned in their attempts to wring every last Easter egg, reference, and visual detail out of a film.

With that in mind, we come to these 10 absolutely ridiculous movie moments which, for one reason or another, have almost certainly passed you by no matter how many times you've seen the film in question.

They've only come to mainstream light in recent years on social media, where observant movie lovers have shared their findings to everyone else's collective shock.

And now that you know, you'll never be able to watch any of these films quite the same way again, while wondering how you never noticed these moments before...

10. An Extra Gets "Pantsed" - The Abyss

Pearl Harbor

James Cameron may be as meticulous as filmmakers come, but even he isn't above a mistake or two slipping through the net, and in the case of 1989's The Abyss, he let a hilarious doozy make it into the final film.

In the climax of the movie's Special Edition, the alien entities create a series of gigantic tidal waves which they then hold in the air, and as we see one of the waves frozen on the coast of an American city, keep your eyes fixed on the front-left of the frame.

Suddenly, an extra runs up to a fellow extra and just... yanks their pants down, briefly revealing their bare ass to all before they manage to pull them back up.

It's completely absurd that something so ridiculous and unexplained made it into the movie, even if only the Special Edition, and that neither Cameron nor his trio of editors noticed it before going to print.

And so, of all the many reasons to savour Cameron's belated upcoming 4K remaster of the movie, getting to see this moment in all of its ultra high-definition glory just might be the best.


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