10 Insane Movie Rumours That Could Totally Happen

How many Spider-Men are set for the MCU's Spider-Man 3?

Warner Bros. Pictures


When you think of rumours what comes to mind? Perhaps Fleetwood Mac's most iconic album. Perhaps the one that went around your secondary school about Marilyn Manson removing his ribs in order to be able to have the self-cleaning abilities of a cat. Or perhaps you stay away from rumours and gossip because of the fear of being let down if they fall apart like a pack of cards built on jelly.

Whatever comes to mind, and whether you believe them or not, rumours intrigue us. They give us hope, they ask "what if?" and give us an insight into a world where the unlikely becomes possible.

In the movie world, new rumours seem to pop up as regularly as the sun rises. A day doesn't go by without a media outlet claiming that the next Bond will be female or that Disney are planning a new Jar Jar Bins spin off series. OK that last one was made up, but you see the point I'm trying to make.

Therefore, amongst all the false rumours and gossip, my friends, this list will provide you with the rumours that haven't been washed away with the next news cycle and have compelling evidence in their favour.

Read on and breathe in the potential "what ifs" from the world of cinema.


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