10 Insane Movie Stunts You Won't Believe Tom Cruise Performed

3. Going Under - Mission: Impossible III

As seen in the movie's 'Making Of' featurette on the DVD (around 18 minutes in), there are more than a few nervous-looking crew members as Tom Cruise lies in the middle of the road, preparing to have a huge truck jackknife directly over him. In a scene that could easily be accomplished with the use of CGI and stunt doubles, the actor once again decides to place himself in the middle of the danger. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNrLdlSurSY First-time feature director JJ Abrams notes that he saw his career flash in front of his eyes as the truck came ever-closer to the A-list star, and the end result is truly a remarkable stunt. Only a matter of inches separate Cruise from the underside of the vehicle as it passes over him, and having the camera up close and personal only increases the tension of the scene.

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