10 Insane Rumours For Upcoming Movies

Black Widow returns to the MCU through clone shenanigans.

Black Widow Taskmaster
Marvel Studios

The cinematic landscape is certainly in an unprecedented and unpredictable state right now, though sooner or later, all of the movies currently in various stages of production will be released, whether they end up in cinemas or on VOD platforms.

And though much of the world might've stopped turning, the movie rumour mill hasn't slowed its production one bit, with the most anticipated films due for release stirring up all manner of rumours by way of supposed "leaks" and deliciously barmy fan theories.

These 10 movies are among the most eagerly anticipated of the next year or two, and each has given fans plenty to speculate about, from the possibility of stunning cameo appearances to devastating death scenes, shocking plot twists, and everything else in-between.

It's worth stressing that each of these rumours is a fringe possibility given how left-field and frankly ridiculous most of them are, but as the saying goes, stranger things have most certainly happened.

Take these mental rumours with a truckload of salt, but never say never...


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