10 Insane Theories That Improve Bad Movies

10. Inland Empire Was Re-Edited So It Didn't Make Sense

David Lynch is a master filmmaker of weird films that aim to creep and confuse the Hell out of us. He's had his fair share of successes in this regard, what with Blue Velvet, Mulholland Drive, Eraserhead, and his TV series Twin Peaks, but his last film, Inland Empire, was a regrettable, unfortunate misfire. Not only incoherent and incomprehensible, but surprisingly dull, it's a rare Lynch film without much merit beyond its solid performances, but there's an interesting theory that's been floating about film school lecture halls for the last few years that actually makes a lot more sense. What if David Lynch actually filmed Inland Empire as a coherent, straight-forward tale, and then intentionally edited it out of sequence to keep his "arty oddball" persona well in tact? Looking at the film, it's such a narrative non-sequitur that we could believe it, especially given how ingrained his image and style is at this point.
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