10 Insane Theories That Improve Bad Movies

9. The Collector Is A Sequel To Home Alone

The Collector was originally envisioned as a prequel to the Saw series, but this notion was rejected and instead the film faded away as a pretty obscure little horror film that not so many people liked (though it has warranted a sequel, The Collection, somehow). Watching the film, about a serial killer who sets a bunch of sadistic traps inside a house to "collect" a bunch of hapless people, we couldn't shake how familiar it all felt, and then the penny dropped. The Collector is Kevin McCallister. Think about it; after the events of the first two Home Alone films, Kevin well and truly has developed a sadistic taste for setting these traps for Harry and Marv, and we clearly see him relishing with delight how much it injures them. What if, in the years following, this escalates into setting more and more brutal traps, not just for thieves, but for innocent folk, and slowly, we see how Kevin could have become the titular character of this otherwise pretty naff horror film.
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