10 Insane Things In Massive Movies (That Everyone Just Ignores)

The "Resnappening" was NOT a good idea...

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Hollywood blockbuster movies can have an entrancing effect on us, ensnaring our minds beyond the point of real thinking. When caught up in the moment we often ignore the little inconsistencies in the worlds of our protagonists, too distracted by our heroes plight.

However sometimes you watch a film a second time and notice, once the first time chills gave worn off, that there are huge mistakes that make zero sense. You see the error and can never unsee it, and you point it out to your friends assuming they will agree. Instead you are met with shouts of "oh who cares".

There are some of us that just cant let it go though, that cannot see the problem and ignore it. We care, there are dozens of us. We may love these films as much as the next person, but we cannot get over these issues that make absolutely no sense.

10. Back To The Future - Biff Still Hangs Around

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A classic light hearted film for all ages, Back To The Future suddenly turns much darker in the third act. The normally comical villain Biff Tannen comes across Marty's mother in her prom dress and quickly decides to force himself on her. Not a misunderstanding of her signals, but a very direct criminal assault. This is resolved when his father George arrives to defeat Biff and save the day.

We return to 1985 to find out that Marty's intervention changed his family for the better. His timid and unsuccessful father is now an author, his aged overweight mother is youthful and happy and his loser siblings are now successful. Many assumed we would see Biff in jail for his crime, or at least referenced as such, and were shocked to see him hanging around the house as though nothing had happened.

It's been thirty years for the adults so maybe they've forgiven, but Marty just accepts it and goes to admire his new truck as though he hasn't seen this man assault his mother barely ten minutes ago.


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