10 Insane Unmade Sequels To Classic Movies

It's A Wonderful Rest Of Your Life...

Gladiator Sequel If there's one thing that Hollywood executives love, it's cocaine. Mountains and mountains of cocaine. You know that big pile of cocaine that Al Pacino has on his desk at the end of Scarface? That's like the breakfast of a Hollywood executive. All of that Columbian marching powder doesn't come cheap, though, which comes to the second thing that Hollywood executives love: sequels. The reason sequels, remakes and reboots are such a big thing in tinseltown is because they're the safe bets. Even a faltering franchise will bring in the megabucks, meaning that studios can stay open, keep making original films that probably won't do as well, and the execs can keep powdering their noses. It seems like those same execs will consider anything for a reboot, reimagining, or return to the silver screen. Every so often cooler heads prevail €“ or else, the rights are too much of a headache to bother untangling €“ and audiences are spared yet another terrible sequel. But there have been a heck of a lot of close calls. Not such a big deal when it's, say a third Joel Schumacher Batman movie. Much more of a blessing when it's the unproduced follow up to It's A Wonderful Life. Here are ten other such insane unmade sequels to classic movies.

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