10 Insane Upcoming Movie Castings You Won't Believe

9. Henry Cavill As Connor MacLeod - Highlander (Release Date TBC)

Margot Robbie Barbie
Netflix/20th Century Fox

Finally one of the most ridiculous yet entertaining movies of the '80s is getting a remake, and none other than Henry Cavill has been confirmed to star in the leading role.

The '80s was a special time for cinema. We got the crime-classic Scarface (1983), the definitive anti-war movie Platoon (1986), and the sci fi Neo-noir classic Blade Runner (1982). But for every masterpiece there was a plethora of utterly bonkers action-adventure movies.

You could never describe Highlander (1986) as 'highbrow cinema', but its cult status is indication of its enjoyment factor. The film follows the exploits of Connor MacLeod (Christopher Lambert), a highlander and an immortal who must battle through time for the ultimate Prize.

The original film's plot was as absurd as the casting choices. The role of a Scotsman was given to a guy who couldn't hide his French accent (Christopher Lambert), and an actual Scotsman (Sean Connery) played an Egyptian, without altering his Edinburgh cadence for a second. It was brilliantly ludicrous.

Henry Cavill is no stranger to wielding a sword, but it will be interesting to see if he can capture the same absurdity the original cast was so loved for.


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