10 Insane Ways Actors Prepared For Famous Movie Scenes

Hot yoghurt turns Nicolas Cage on.

Vampire's Kiss Nicolas Cage
Hemdale Film Corporation

The high-pressure nature of filmmaking can make performing even the simplest scene a challenge, but when an actor is called upon to do something a little more complex, they'll often resort to drastic, unique, and flat-out insane means to get their desired performance.

To be clear, we're not merely talking about tried-and-tested method acting, where actors immerse themselves in the role by basically living it, but actors who went to especially bizarre and left-field lengths to get into character.

These methods range from endearingly ridiculous to absolutely, undeniably demented, to the extent that you have to wonder quite what was going through the actor's mind at the time.

However, in almost every single instance on this list - bar perhaps one - the baffling prep was clearly justified by the superb end result. The cast and crew might not always agree, though.

If you already thought some of these actors were a little too dedicated to their craft, here's further proof of what silliness they'll suffer through in order to disappear into their character...

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