10 Insanely Hyped Movies That Flopped HARD

Box office bombs of megaton proportions.


It happens everywhere to some studio. All the hype, budget and A-list talent in the world doesn't amount to big bucks when the box office bean counters are done tallying up the gate receipts of their latest "sure-fire" hit. These things can help make a hit movie, sure, but they don't guarantee success.

There have been films with the biggest stars attached which have launched to much fanfare, only to flop harder than King Kong under a barrage of aeroplane fire. In certain cases, these atomic box office bombs have even belonged to some of the biggest franchises in pop culture history. Complacency doesn't pay in this industry.

When a movie of this magnitude capitulates, the shockwaves rock Hollywood - careers suffer irreparable damage and studios collapse, in extreme cases.

Often you can smell a flop a mile away. From the trailers to the poster campaign, everything feels off from the get-go, but there have also been times when all signs pointed to a movie succeeding, only for the punters to give it a wide berth...


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