10 Insanely Hyped Movies That Flopped HARD

9. Justice League

Solo Thumbs Down
Warner Bros.

Box office success and failure are relative and nothing epitomises that like the performance of Justice League during its cinematic run.

A global haul of more than $650 million is the kind of takings some filmmakers and studios can only dream of, but when Justice League racked up that figure, it was branded with the 'flop' tag. It's fair to say that Zack Snyder's DC Comics team-up project is one of the most financially successful box office bombs of all time.

You might be wondering how a film that generated that amount of money can be considered an underperformer, but there are other ways a blockbuster can bomb besides failing to break even. Some movies rake in vast quantities of cash but fall so short of studio expectations that the franchise is forced to course correct, sequel plans are placed on hold and directors get the boot.

Justice League is one of those rare movies that can still make more than $300 million in profit and be considered a 'flop'. As one of the most expensive films ever made (costing a whopping $300 million) and a unification of some of pop culture's best-known characters, the DC crossover belongs to an elite category it shares with Star Wars sequels, the cream of Pixar's crop and the Marvel's premier output.

For a film of this calibre, just over $300 million in profit simply doesn't cut it. Justice League is the lowest grossing entry in its series to date, and Warner's return to the drawing board suggests it was an almighty "flop", albeit it relatively profitable one.


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