10 Insanely Misleading Movie Posters You Won't Believe Actually Exist

Star Wars As I mentioned in my previous article about the surprisingly insane world of movie posters, the job of a movie poster is to give you a general enough idea as to the tone and genre of a particular motion picture - that way, when you pay your hard-earned money to go and see it, you don't wander out of the theatre feeling like you saw something completely different to what was advertised. And whereas most posters do a good enough job of successfully summing up a film and its themes, occasionally filmmakers will go down another route entirely... And that route is one of balls to the walls insanity. I mean, why put the right actors on a movie poster when you can put other, more exciting actors on them instead - actors whose presence send messages that it's going to be a different kind of movie all together. And what does it matter if you scatter a few explosions on a poster for a movie that's actually about kids with terminal illnesses? If it gets audiences into theatres, who cares? Just be glad, then, that you weren't enticed into seeing the following movies based on these unbelievably misleading posters...

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