10 Insanely Weird Secrets Hidden In Movie Scenes


Stuck on You

If the Internet has proven anything at all to film fans, it's that directors love to include devilishly subtle secrets and Easter eggs in their movies for switched-on viewers to catch.

There's a reason why Easter egg hunting is so popular among fans of Star Wars, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and so on, and while these hidden visual gags are often harmlessly cute doses of fan service, sometimes filmmakers go in a whole other direction entirely.

These 10 films, regardless of genre, all boast hidden visual or aural elements which are, in a word, weird, if not straight-up creepy as all hell.

In each case you have to wonder what the filmmaker was thinking, and it's most probably that they cackled hysterically at the mere thought of scaring some poor viewer out of their wits.

Not all of these examples are strictly eerie, though: some are simply so demented you have to consider what the director wanted to achieve in the first place.

Whatever the end result, movie secrets don't get much more peculiar than this lot...


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