10 Insanely Weird Secrets Hidden In Movie Scenes

6. The Blinds Form An American Flag - Avatar

Avatar 2009

For all of its stunning technical accomplishments, James Cameron's Avatar is about as subtle as a brick to the face, or so it would seem upon first glance.

But to Cameron's credit, there's a single shot in the movie that's actually composed with a mind-boggling degree of subtlety - comparatively speaking, at least.

Early in the film when Colonel Quaritch (Stephen Lang) is prepping his soldiers for the mission to Pandora, there's a wide shot of his squad stood against an open blind, which bears a distinct resemblance to the American flag.

The contrast of the blind and the window near-perfectly replicates the stripes of Old Glory, and the metal object in the top-left corner even matches the blue box containing the 50 white stars.

Better still, look closely at the object and you can even see "50" spelled out on it, of course representing the 50 American states.

Given that Avatar's Resources Development Administration (RDA) serves as a gossamer-thin allegory for American imperialism worldwide, the image fits perfectly.

In a film that otherwise ladles its themes and ideas out with no tact whatsoever, though, its slyness is a tad jarring.


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