10 Insufferable Rom-Com Leads That Don't Deserve Love

Just because they get the girl/guy doesn't mean they're not human trash.

Love Actually Creepy
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There are so many romantic comedies out there, you guys. The best ones succeed because they have likeable leads with chemistry, and it's easy for us to imagine ourselves falling in love with them. It's wish fulfillment at its most basic level. But while few romantic comedies can hit those incredible highs, at the bare minimum, all of them depend on the very basic tenet that when we see their leads in action, we can on some level understand why another human would fall in love with them.

And it's truly shocking to see how many films fail in that regard. It shouldn't be difficult to come up with a generally non-offensive romantic lead that all viewers can sort of use as a cipher for all the attributes they're looking for, but for some reason, filmmakers insist on frequently putting monsters on our screens.

These are mean, manipulative, messed up characters that no person in their right mind would fall in love with, yet we're asked to watch time and time again as some poor misguided sap runs into their arms.

Why? How many writers have been in some seriously unhealthy relationships to consider this kind of stuff normal, and worse, romantic?

10. Preston Meyers - Can't Hardly Wait

Love Actually Creepy
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Preston Meyers is the kind of character that you really just want to sit down and slap in the face. Dude, just because you and a girl both like the same flavor of Pop Tarts does not mean that you are soulmates and that you should spend your entire high school career creepily obsessing with her and then pouncing on her the second that she breaks up with her long term boyfriend and is probably in an emotionally vulnerable place.

She is 100% correct to yell at you and everyone else for trying to make a move on her when she's been single for less than a day. Also, you're going off to college. Now is not the time to confess your love to some girl that you honestly don't know that well. What do you expect to happen?

Even if she does like you, you're both leaving, and it's not like you've been together and are both dedicated to making a long distance relationship work. You're just emotionally manipulating her into feeling something for you because you're a "nice guy" when she should be able to go off to college, no strings attached, and actually learn to be by herself for once in her life. Bad form, Preston.


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