10 Intense Movie Performances NO ONE Was Ready For

Were we ever going to be ready for an evil Patrick Stewart?

Searchlight Pictures

It's always fun to see an actor take on a a type of role they don't often get the chance to play. No matter how far into their career, any time a performer mixes things up, it's something exciting to watch.

Knowing an actor is about to play a character archetype we haven't seen them tackle in the past creates a slight swell of excitement. It's the thrill of our personal perceptions of a performer being turned on their head, as the actor embodies a serious, comedic or other-worldly roll we could never imagine them playing.

It's proof that an actor shouldn't be typecast for specific roles, and thankfully not every casting director has taken this rule to heart. Actors train for decades to master their craft, and rarely do we ever see their full potential.

Some of these unique performances might not win awards, or be ranked in their top 10 roles, but they're a monument to the lengths and depths and actor will go to for a role. They could be the defining roles and performances that change their entire career trajectory - opening up new opportunities for them to pursue in the future.


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