10 Interesting Things You Probably Didn't Realise About Famous Movies

Pulp Fiction Devito

Movie trivia is, by definition, kind of pointless. And although you're not really going to impress anyone but your nerdy friends with that awesome little fact about a motion picture, that doesn't stop us - as a society of fact-collectors - from acquiring as many tidbits as possible, just in case the opportunity to dispense such information arises one day at random, and now who's laughing, huh? Yeah, that's exactly what I thought. Which brings us to the point: sometimes you can watch a movie a whole bunch of times and not realise something specific or special about it - not because you weren't paying attention, but because there was no reason for the thought to cross your mind. In other cases, you might sit down to watch a movie without knowing something about its origins - something that brings a new meaning or resonance to the material. And it's those sorts of things that I've gathered up for inclusion on this list: 10 neat little things that most people never noticed (or knew) about some of cinema's iconic, beloved and most famous flicks. So without further ado, feel free to trawl through the list and let us know: which ones had you failed to notice before, and how many did you know already?

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