10 James Bond Gadgets We Wish Were Real

Bond surveys his homeland. With the imminent release of Skyfall, the 23rd film in EON€™s long-running James Bond series, many of us are falling back into the old pattern that accompanies each new film in the franchise: looking back on what€™s come before, in order to be fully prepared and psyched to see the newest Bond adventure. There will be many articles surrounding Skyfall€™s release, focusing on everything from Bond girls past, to potential story lines future. As you no doubt were able to ascertain by reading the headline, this is one of those articles. So put on your sharp edged bowler hat, and your x-ray glasses, but put down that ordinary looking sub sandwich - that€™s Q€™s lunch! - as we peruse the history of one of Bond€™s signature elements and count down the top ten gadgets we wish were real. First off, a few self imposed ground rules for this list: There are no cars/vehicles on this list as there is enough material there for a whole different article. I also didn€™t feel like including most weapon gadgets, like a suitcase bomb, or the pen from Goldeneye, since those would be pretty havoc-inducing if freely available. Instead, I focused on what would be useful/helpful and have real world practical applications. This proved a little challenging as many of the earliest gadgets that would€™ve fit that criteria have already been made available to the public, or were just too ridiculous to qualify for this list. Thus, the list (and one honorable mention) are mostly from the later films, with a few from the old days mixed in. Each entry will be divided into two sections: the gadgets as seen in the films, and real-world application. With that in mind, let€™s begin:

Honorable Mention: Aston Martin Vanquish - Die Another Day

Yeah, yeah, I said no cars. But for the honorable mention spot, I€™m going to break my own rule. As bad as Die Another Day was, and as ridiculous as this car€™s use was, there€™s no denying having an invisible-freaking-car would be super sweet. Some everyday uses come to mind like sneaking into a drive-in movie (in those few towns where they still exist), or simply speeding down the interstate, blind to all cops. Pretty bad ass, but not really practical. MOVING ON!

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