10 Jaw-Dropping Movie Monsters We All Loved To Watch

10. The Monster - The Host (2006)

The Host is a Korean horror movie released in 2006 which stepped out of the mould followed by Asian productions of the time: instead of a ghost story involving a ridiculously creepy blue child (see: The Ring or The Grudge), it went for a good old-fashioned giant monster. For the most part, monster movies in the 00's were based around humanoid creatures, whether that's zombies, ghosts, inbred hillbillies or just psycho people, so the reliance on a monster was a brave decision, but a good one.

Look at that thing up there. Look at it and try to figure out what bit goes where. It's nearly impossible. Whilst we recognise that it seems to have been mutated from some sort of fish, that's pretty much where the analysis ends before we get to "well, that's weird" territory. It's hideous, fast, strong and above all else, it's frightening.

But what made the monster stand out even more was that it just roams around the riverbanks of Seoul, sometimes running right past people, not seeming to notice (although they aren't so blessed with ignorance), sometimes ripping into the locals in a frenzy. It's unpredictable yet comfortable surrounded by everyday people, and despite being uglier than sin, it seems to fit right in in a city. Scary stuff.


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