10 Killer Last Lines In Horror Movie History

Get your teeth into the greatest final lines in the history of horror.

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The way films sign off - not just in their final scenes but their very last lines of dialogue - is crucial to how we remember them. This is particularly true of horror - a genre that seeks to shock us and leave us staring slack-jawed at the screen while the credits roll, wondering what the heck we've just witnessed.

Horror movies have treated audiences to some of the most extraordinary endings in the history of cinema. So let's celebrate that with a look at ten of the best final lines from this genre (and a couple that could spark debate over what counts as horror).

Think of some of your favourite movies, and there's a good chance every one will have an incredible ending.

Note, we're discussing the final scenes of movies here, so needless to say:

Massive spoilers lie ahead!

10. "It Was The Boogeyman." "As A Matter Of Fact, It Was." - Halloween

silence of the lambs hannibal

In 1978, John Carpenter treated horror fans to the best slasher film they would ever see and introduced a villain that would stalk the nightmares of many an unsuspecting moviegoer.

Halloween's Michael Myers is cinema's ultimate boogeyman: faceless, unspeaking, unstoppable and just plain terrifying. His size and shape appear human, but the way Michael moves and mercilessly dispatches his victims suggests he is something distinctly other.

Earlier in the film, Dr Sam Loomis - a man of science and reason who spent 15 years as Michael's psychiatrist - says the killer has "the Devil's eyes", behind which live something that is "purely and simply, evil".

At the climax of the movie, Dr Loomis shoots Michael six times and sends him off a first-floor balcony, only to find his former patient has survived and escaped, free to continue his killing spree.

When Laurie, Halloween's 'final girl', tells the doctor she has just survived an encounter with the boogeyman, all he can do is agree.

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