10 Lamest Excuses For A Movie Failing

1. People Don't Appreciate "Real Genius" - Every Uwe Boll Movie Ever Made

Uwe-boll-fingerThe Failure: Uwe Boll is known as "the modern day Ed Wood", crafting horrendous film after horrendous film, usually video game adaptations such as House of the Dead, Alone in the Dark and Bloodrayne. He made his name exploiting a German tax loophole which allowed him to keep making movies even though his films never made a profit. The Excuse: After a petition was created to stop Boll making movies, he issued a statement, claiming, "Look, I€™m not a f***ing retard like Michael Bay or other people running around in the business€or Eli Roth making the same s***ty movies over and over again. If you really look in my movies you will see my real genius...You have to really wake up and see me what I am, the only genius in the whole f***ing business.€ The Truth: Though Boll holds a doctorate, he's no genius. The truth, as everyone knows, is that his movies are almost without exception reprehensible. The only question that remains is whether Boll is a troll who makes bad movies on purpose, or genuinely the worst filmmaker of all time? What do you think of these sketchy excuses? Are there any other ludicrous ones we need to know about? Let us know in the comments below.
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