10 Least Terrifying Villains In Horror Movie History

9. The Witch - Blair Witch Project 2: Book Of Shadows

The Happening Mark Wahlberg
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The Witch from the original Blair Witch Project will go down as arguably the most terrifying in horror history. What makes this staggering achievement all the more meritorious is the fact that we never actually see her (although I'm pretty damn sure that Mary Brown is the witch. Again, that's for another list.)

The same treatment however doesn't work for the sequel, the dreadful Book of Shadows. While the first film always gave you the feeling that the Witch could be hiding around every corner, here she seems to be not present at all. There are some semi-gory flashbacks to someone who may or may not be the witch, but the footage is so unclear and the story so ill defined that we can't make any real connection.

The great shame here is that we are effectively left without a villain, instead stuck with annoying teens you actually want to be killed off. The move from found footage to standard genre storytelling definitely hurts, as half the fun of the original movie was the truly horrifying thought that the Witch may actually be real.


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