10 Legacy Horror Movie Sequels Everyone Actually Wants To See

Give Gremlins another shot.

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Reboots always feel like a no-win scenario. If it copies its predecessor beat-for-beat, it feels like a hollow rethread. If the remake steers too far away from the original, you'll wonder why the studio didn't just make it a separate property.

Luckily, the horror genre has figured out a way to please people who want something familiar AND different - legacy sequels. Scream and Halloween proved it was possible to tell new stories with a contemporary cast, while still tying the narrative to the original, usually by relying on the passing-of-the-torch trope.

Because requels have breathed new life into seemingly dead franchises, horror fans are curious to know which property will be revitalised next. Will we see Nancy train the teens of Elm Street to fight Freddy Krueger? Aren't you curious to know what happened to Jim from 28 Days Later? Will Dr. Gordon return in the next Saw to complete Jigsaw's work?

Since the horror genre has been undergoing a renaissance in recent years, now is the perfect time to tap into the nostalgia factor, by bringing us legacy sequels of these beloved properties.

10. Candyman

Wrong Turn
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Though 2021's Candyman was portrayed as a reboot, the film concludes with the return of Tony Todd's Daniel Robitaille, proving the story takes place in the same continuity as the original.

Even though fans were chuffed to see Todd reprise his most iconic role, it was a shame he only uttered two words. If there is a sequel, Robitaille has to play a more prominent part. (You can't just tease him in the climax and leave it at that, can you?)

However, there's another key character who needs to be revived - Helen Lyle. Helen tried to discredit the Candyman urban legend in the inaugural film, inspiring Robitaille to shed innocent blood to perpetuate his legacy. Helen may have met her maker in the climax of that picture, but the final scene reveals she's been reborn as a vengeful spirit, just like Robitaille.

Despite this fact the ending implied Helen would be cursed to kill innocents like her predecessor, she never appeared again. Although her voice can be heard during a flashback in 2021's Candyman, the character is noticeably absent.

If Helen Lyle and Daniel Robitaille return, we can learn more about their roles as vengeful spirits, and see their relationship between one another develop.


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