10 Legacy Horror Movie Sequels Everyone Actually Wants To See

9. Wrong Turn

Wrong Turn
20th Century Fox

When six teens get lost in the woods, they stumble upon a tribe of inbred cannibals. When you put it like that, Wrong Turn doesn't sound like anything special.

But this Deliverance-inspired horror gained a surprising cult-following, spawning six more instalments. Now, that's not suggesting the sequels are any good... or average... or watchable. And since the 2021 reboot didn't last more than a day in theatres, interest in Wrong Turn is at an all-time low.

However, the easiest way to re-energise the series is to make a sequel centred around Jessie. Eliza Dushku's character managed to survive her encounter with the malformed mountain men after her friend Chris killed them. Last we saw of Jessie and Chris, they were riding off into the sunset.

Interestingly, Jessie was meant to kick the bucket at the opening of Wrong Turn 2: Dead End. This last-minute change could be a blessing in disguise, since it gives this final girl a chance return. Because Dushku's character is perceived as the face of the franchise, she needs to come back to wipe out the man-eating maniacs once and for all.


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