10 Legendary Rock Songs That Were Used Perfectly In Movies

9. Where Is My Mind? - The Pixies

Seeing the movie Fight Club for the first time practically feels like being trapped in a dream state. As Tyler Durden plays tricks on the main character's mind, you start to really question your own sanity along with him, becoming more and more desensitized to the violence that's happening around you. So when everything comes crashing down, it's fitting to have something that's a little more laid back playing in the background.

If you had seen the image of buildings exploding at the end of the movie by itself, Where is My Mind by the Pixies may not have necessarily been your first choice of song. What really makes it the perfect choice though is how well it was used in the scene, as Ed Norton's character feels pretty apathetic to most of the carnage going on outside. Going back to the original version of the song, Frank Black had the same kind of disaffected attitude in his voice, almost being indifferent to the fact that he's losing his mind.

This isn't meant to just be a little bit of interlude music though. It's the exclamation point of the whole movie, and all of the chaos that's happening feels more like the natural evolution of things when you get to the end of the film. As this song plays, the world could be on the verge of collapsing, and we're all just reacting with a shrug.


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