10 Lies About Famous Movies You Probably Believe

Your life may not be a TV show, but you're still being lied to.

Lies about movies used to spread like wildfire. Without any official way to disprove it, anyone, from a sneaky kid on the playground to that drunk guy in a bar, could spout nonsense about your favourite films and for all you knew they'd be right. Sure, there's an alternate ending to Raiders Of The Lost Ark where the Ark burns the US logo off the box its contained in. Oh, of course Blair Witch is based on true story. Steven Spielberg planned a Schindler's List sequel? Yeh, right.

Now, with the internet at our fingertips you'd think it'd be easy to verify what's truth and what's a stinking lie. Oh how naive. People are still happy to take things at face value, not checking if there's really any real source behind the nonsense they're told. And so fan theories, studio exaggeration and simple misunderstandings all become taken as fact.

There's nothing wrong with a good rumour, but in the Chinese Whispers land of the internet, the speculation tag can soon be dropped. It's a good thing we're here to help. Today we're going to give you the truth behind ten lies about famous movies that you see everywhere. You can thank us later.


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