10 Lies About Famous Movies You Probably Believe

10. Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

Disney Snow White

The Lie: "Snow White was the first feature length animation. Snow White is the film that started it all. Disney had already found success with Micky Mouse, but this was something bigger. The studio's first full length animation was a major step forward for the company and the medium, crafting many of the conventions that remain in children's films to this day."

The Truth: There had been plenty of animations before. It shouldn't cheapen Snow White of its achievement in terms of the impact it had on cinema, but it really wasn't the first. That honour goes to Pinto Colvig, whose feature Creation was released in 1915, a whole twenty-two years before Snow White.

Like many smaller films from the time it's been lost, presumably forever, but that doesn't hide the fact it - along with the handful of silhouette or stop-motion films that came out in the intervening years - beat Snow White to the punch. It's unlikely there was any bitterness though; Colvig went on to design the Disney logo and voice Goofy, so clearly was welcome at the House of Mouse.

Snow White does have the distinction of being the first feature length cel animation, but that makes it more of a Toy Story - pioneering a new direction - rather than the start of it all.


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