10 Little Known Facts About Your Favourite Christmas Films

A dog may not just be for Christmas but Christmas films certainly are. Watch a movie full of Yuletide cheer outside the month of December and you better be prepared for endless ridicule and a painfully protracted festive season. It€™s tantamount to peeking at presents before the big day; while we can all moan how stores shove the holiday down our throat from the middle of October (although Number 8 on this list shows this isn€™t a new concern), there€™s still something sacred about the beloved Christmas classic. Because of this the films rarely get the same level of coverage as their non-time specific counterparts. Often confined to Best and Worst lists, there's so much discussion that gets skimmed over. We know inside out the easter eggs of Pixar movies and the intricacies of Star Wars' production, yet much of the trivia on holiday classics is lost in the rush of the season. With the big day on the horizon, we're setting out to balance this out with ten amazing facts about famous Christmas films. Place your humbugs and scepticism at the door lest you wake up with coal.

Honourable Mention: The German Version Turns The Robbers Into The IRA - Die Hard

Die Hard has German villains because they€™re menacing and not for any real political reason, evidenced by only a handful of the robbers actually originating from the country (most were cast for their menacing look). That didn€™t stop the German version mixing things up by making them an Irish gang driven by radical notions. That's about as politically cutting as you can get in 1989. Cool fact, but it can€™t make this list for one simple reason; Die Hard isn't€™t a Christmas film. Yes it€™s set in December and features some seasonal music, but the plot has no holiday influence. And, most damning of all, it was released in July. Don€™t let the insistence of cine-hipsters fool you; this is as Christmassy as Iron Man 3 (i.e. jarringly).

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