10 Long-Awaited Movie Moments That Failed To Live Up To The Hype

Kill Bill You know how it is. Having glimpsed a couple of seconds of a scene in a trailer for an upcoming movie, you start to build up wild expectations in your head. Either that, or imbued with prior knowledge about a future storyline, you begin to conjure up how it might be portrayed on the big screen in the comfort of your own brain. And although we all know that having high expectations is probably a terrible idea, they're kind of impossible to avoid, given that Hollywood markets its products by showing us small parts and letting our expectations do the rest of the work. Which is why, nine times out of ten, all that awesome stuff you expected to happen in the way you expected it to happen rarely does - and congratulations, sir, thanks for taking a first class seat on the hype train. Care for another ride? Presumably movies would be far more surprising and enjoyable if trailers didn't exist at all, then, and we just wandered into theatres based on the titles alone, maybe a poster or two. Still, we're all caught up in a constant firestorm of hype and expectations, and it's incredibly hard to get away from that kind of thing in today's world. Sometimes this works the other way, and a movie will surprise and surpass our expectations. But usually you'll find that certain moments you've waited for years (decades, even) to see on the big screen fail to live up to the associated hype in truly catastrophic ways. Take, for example...

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