10 Long-Awaited Movie Sequels That Will Literally Never Get Made

9. Rush Hour 4

Man Of Steel Henry Cavill
Warner Bros.

Rush Hour 3 was released in 2007, but despite constant speculation in the interim the project has never moved beyond the 'hopeful speculation' phase, although we did get a TV spinoff that was canceled after one season in the wake of negative reviews and sinking ratings.

The series has never been as universally beloved as many other action franchises, but the three installments did earn almost $850m at the box office, so there's definitely an audience there for more adventures for Carter and Lee, but at this stage Rush Hour 4 seems destined to remain lodged firmly in development hell.

Jackie Chan might be 66 year old, but he's still starring in a handful of movies a year, although he slowly seems to be putting his Hollywood days behind him, while outside of Rush Hour Chris Tucker has made precisely three big screen appearances since 1998.

Director Brett Ratner is also currently persona non grata in Hollywood in the wake of some serious misconduct allegations, and despite Tucker claiming as recently as last year that both he and Chan wanted to make Rush Hour 4 and the script was starting to come together, he's given the exact same spiel numerous times over the years without any forward momentum actually being made.


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