10 Low Budget Horror Movies With The Best Jump Scares

9. It Follows

Insidious Red Demon 2010 Patrick Wilson
Northern Light Films

It Follows is a film where the dread and tension is built with one simple shot: of someone being followed. This means the film has some absolutely terrifying jump scares!

It centres around a paranormal entity that stalks people simply by walking after them. While this doesn't sound like a scary concept, director David Robert Mitchell uses the concept to create a horror classic.

The best jump scare comes halfway through the film in which the lead character Jaime is hiding from the creature at her friend’s house. Inevitably, the creature finds her and comes through behind her friend in one of the most heart stopping jump scares of the 2010s.

The shot is a simple wide angle of Jaime's friend standing in a doorway. Suddenly the slow build-up of footsteps is heard, and The Tall Man appears behind her. This paired with a great 80s synth drop make for a shudder inducing scare. It Follows is an underrated horror gem.


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