10 Maddening Horror Movie Plot Holes

Fine, we all know how dumb horror film characters are, but still...


Horror cinema is notoriously bad in terms of plot holes and horror film characters, as is delightfully satirised in horror comedies such as The Cabin in the Woods, usually behave in an extremely implausible manner.

As such, when watching horror films, one has to accept and overlook a lot of silliness in order to take the movies seriously and while plot holes are sometimes reasonably easy to ignore in the right mindset, more often than not they are simply highly irritating and occasionally ruin the entire movie.

From insanely dumb decisions to film-breaking plot twists, these 15 horror movie plot holes are some of the most infuriating examples of illogical horror movie moments and given how plot hole-filled horror movies usually are, it says a lot about these examples that they stand out in such a crowded field.

Warning: Huge spoilers ahead.

10. The Roller Coaster Shouldn't Have Crashed - Final Destination 3

New Line Cinema

In Final Destination 3, protagonist Wendy foresees a horrific roller coaster crash and gets some of the riders off it before it crashes in real life and kills the remaining passengers. This threequel is ultimately a huge amount of fun, but the fact that the crash still happened is very distracting, since Wendy's actions should've prevented it altogether.

In the premonition, one of the passengers, Frankie, sneaks his video camera onto the ride and accidentally drops it on the track. Once the roller coaster cars run over it, this damages the train and starts off the disaster, but Frankie is one of the passengers who leaves after the premonition and he takes the camera with him, so why did the roller coaster crash at all?

The ride is shown to have faulty trains before the crash but the trains only broke once the camera was involved, so take the camera out of the equation and the passengers really should've been fine.

Even if the faulty trains had eventually caused the ride to crash, when the roller coaster crashes in real life the film shows it happening exactly the same way it did in the premonition but without the video camera, so this one really makes no sense.

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