10 Major Movie Franchise Reveals Found In Spin-Offs

Proof that Boba Fett is alive and waiting his return. 

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We now live in an era where audiences love to stay ahead of their favourite movies or tv shows, and they openly speculate on potential twists or surprise cameos. MCU or DCU fans are particularly bad for this, obsessively deconstructing trailers and casting sheets in an effort to predict what will happen next.

Of course, it makes sense that these revelations actually take place within the movie, and not in some spin-off novel or short film instead. Remarkably enough a few movies have actually taken this route, burying key revelations in obscure tie-ins for fans to discover for themselves.

This can be a rewarding treasure dive for those eager to explore their favourite franchises a little deeper, but it also cuts out those less committed. That’s where the internet comes in, saving those lazier fans the effort of seeking it out for themselves.

Here we’ll be taking a look at some of the major franchise reveals only found in spin-off media - be it books or video games - and the reasons why they’re so darn interesting.

10. What Happened To The Abomination / The Leader? - The Incredible Hulk

Star Wars boba fett
Marvel Studios

While Marvel has never outright disowned The Incredible Hulk, it’s definitely the red-headed stepchild of the MCU. Since the movies are all tightly connected it was becoming hard to overlook the dangling plotlines left over from it, so Marvel decided to tie them up in spin-off media instead.

We learn that the military blamed Bruce Banner for the fight between Hulk and The Abomination, and that Thunderbolt Ross took Blonsky into custody afterwards. Apparently, Ross thought it would be a good idea to add him to The Avengers, but Coulson sent Tony Stark on S.H.I.E.L.D’s behalf to derail this, knowing their mutual hatred would break the deal; hence Stark’s surprise cameo in The Incredible Hulk.

The comic Fury’s Big Week also reveals that Sam Sterns – aka The Leader – was captured by Black Widow shortly after the end of the movie, where he was already heavily mutated by Banner’s blood. He’s still being held in S.H.I.E.L.D custody under the codename “Project: Mr Blue.”

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