10 Major Movie Roles That Were Recast (And Made A LOT Worse)

Some actors leave footsteps that are too large to follow in.

Warner Bros.

Marvel Studios have always had a reputation for their impeccable approach to casting even the most minor roles in their shared universe, but Phase One wasn't without a couple of high-profile missteps.

As impossible as it seems now, Terrence Howard was the highest-paid cast member on Iron Man, and the actor must have been kicking himself when his attitude saw him fired and replaced by the always-reliable Don Cheadle.

Edward Norton never seemed like the ideal fit for the Hulk either, with the actor having a notorious reputation for interfering during the post-production process on his movies, something that would never have been allowed to happen on Kevin Feige's watch, and it would be fair to say that most people agree Mark Ruffalo was a vastly superior choice.

The point is, recasting happens all the time in movies and TV shows for a variety of reasons in everything from blockbuster franchises to lesser-known properties, and when it comes to hiring a new actor to play a character that's already well-established, the choice needs to be right on the money otherwise audiences will unanimously reject it.

Unfortunately, there have been more than a few occasions when the wrong choice has clearly been made, and all it ended up doing was hurting the quality of the finished product in the long run.


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