10 MAJOR Plot Holes In The Star Wars Sequel Trilogy

4. What Was The Point Of The Knights Of Ren?

Star Wars Plot Holes

Not necessarily a plot hole, per se, but it's more of a 'what even was the point?!' situation here.

In the lead to The Force Awakens' release, the Knights of Ren were all over the marketing material for the movie. Looking like nothing but pure, unadulterated, unstoppable badasses, the mere visual of these six warriors at Kylo Ren's side had intrigue and anticipation levels amped up to ridiculous levels amongst long-time franchise fans.

Despite all of the hype surrounding the Knights of Ren, they were barely in The Force Awakens, were completely absent from The Last Jedi, and were simply around in The Rise of Skywalker to serve as fodder for Ben Solo to take down towards the film's climax.

So, after all of the badass imagery, after all of the mystique, after all of the hope of seeing just what these group of warriors were capable of, the Knights of Ren were a pointless addition to the sequel trilogy. It's almost as if they were created purposely to sell a bunch of toys and merchandise, or that the sequel films had so many cooks in the proverbial kitchen that the creative waters of the trilogy were left muddied and confused.


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