10 MAJOR Plot Holes In The Star Wars Sequel Trilogy

3. Poe's Survival

Star Wars Plot Holes

After a big-screen break of just over ten years, Star Wars raced back to cinemas across the globe in spectacular fashion with the opening act of The Force Awakens.

Used to set up the four core characters - Rey, Kylo Ren, Poe Damiron, and Finn - of this new trilogy, the film hit the ground running in glorious fashion. And key to that, was Poe and Finn hijacking a TIE Fighter as they looked to escape the wrath of the First Order.

That escape wouldn't quite go to plan, and said TIE Fighter was shot down and left in a burning heap. While Finn managed to escape the crash-landing vessel, taking Poe's jacket and the name he gave to this former Stormtrooper in the process, it looked far less promising for Oscar Isaac's character.

As The Force Awakens unfolds, we would eventually see that Poe Dameron actually survived the TIE Fighter crash - although that doesn't really make any sense.

It's never explained how Poe survived, and it's not even realistically feasible for him to have survived.

Going even further down the rabbit hole, the original plan of The Force Awakens' explosive opening was actually to introduce Poe in a major way before killing him off as we arrive in Jakku. Both Isaac and director J.J. Abrams have confirmed this, and rumours suggest that Poe's role may have been expanded once an on-set injury to Harrison Ford hit plans hard for Han Solo having a larger part to play.

Reading between the lines here, and it appears as if nobody could really be bothered to come up with a reasonable explanation as to how Poe would've survived in this rejigged script.


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