10 MAJOR Plot Holes In The Star Wars Sequel Trilogy

2. The Further Muddling Of The Chosen One

Star Wars Plot Holes

For the longest time, it was open to interpretation that the famed Chosen One of Star Wars lore was either Anakin Skywalker or Luke Skywalker. Some would even offer up Leia Organa as possibly being the true Chosen One. But now, with the sequel Star Wars trilogy behind us, further questions have been thrown up where this topic is concerned.

By all accounts and purposes, the most likely person to be the Chosen One was Anakin. This almost biblical figure was said to bring balance to The Force - which we saw Anakin, as Darth Vader, do by killing off The Emperor at the close of Return of the Jedi.

Some of the wisest beings in the history of the galaxy worked solely on the belief that Anakin was indeed the Chosen One, yet that idea was muddied once again by the events of the sequel trilogy.

Outright plot hole? Maybe, maybe not. But the main head-scratcher here is that the story of the sequel trilogy only served to drum up more confusion about the narrative established in the six Skywalker Saga movies prior to this latest triumvirate.


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