10 Major Plot Predictions For Avengers: Infinity War

9. Thanos Will Get His Hands On The Infinity Stones

Infinity War Cap Shield
Marvel Studios

The Marvel Cinematic Universe would be in for some earth-shattering changes if this was to happen, but never bet against Thanos.

There are few more powerful than the Mad Titan in the MCU and he'll stop at nothing to get his paws on all six of the Infinity Gems.

Once the cosmic stones are united alongside one another in his gauntlet, the villain will possess the power to reshape the universe however he sees fit.

Leaked set photos appear to confirm that Doctor Strange will lose possession of the Eye of Agamotto following an encounter with one of Thanos's children.

Therefore, at least one of the gems seemingly end up in his clutches. What's to say a baddie of his magnitude won't lock down the rest of them?

This would make the MCU a very different place come Avengers 4, a movie which might find Earth's Mightiest Heroes battling to reverse a twisted timeline.


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