10 Major Star Wars Characters Who Didn’t Really Do Anything

Whatever side they're on, they're letting it down...

In the history of motion pictures, rarely has a single franchise established so many iconic and enduring characters as Star Wars. Han Solo, Indiana Jones, Rick Deckard, Bob Falfa and all the others became famous international screen stars off the back off this ground-breaking collection of films. And if you€™re willing to overlook the quite obvious fact that, aside from the first two movies, the entire franchise is basically a garish, nonsensical pile of toss then it just reaffirms how beloved and popular the Star Wars characters have turned out to be. That€™s right: despite the majority of these movies being the visual equivalent of a mental breakdown, the familiar faces within this galaxy far, far away have endured with an almost reassuring popularity. Interestingly though, it shouldn€™t escape the more eagle-eyed of you that throughout this violent bunch of children€™s films, some of our much-loved heroes are actually a little bit pointless. That is to say, they€™ve basically received an inexplicable amount of attention and exposure when in actuality their specific contribution to the plot of the franchise amounts to precisely nothing. Regardless of all the fancy action figures you obsessed over as a kid, the perpetual relevance to popular culture and the rise of delirious €˜fanboy€™ and €˜fangirlism€™, there are a lot of major characters that are, in fact, completely irrelevant, shouldn€™t have warranted an action figure at all, and are thus undeserving of your potentially violent adoration. Ten of them are presented here. Please don€™t puke your liver out over the ones that you€™re still in love with or anything€

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