10 Major Star Wars Characters Who Didn’t Really Do Anything

10. Chewbacca

Yup, straight in at number ten, kicking and screaming with that weird Wookiee growl of his, is our laughing-it-up-fuzzball, Chewbacca. Probably the most beloved and cherished minion of the Star Wars regime, this seven-foot pile of Sasquatch spends almost the entirety of the first trilogy swaying about like a big tree looking disconcertingly full of himself, occasionally throwing a tantrum and more often than not being ordered around by his self-involved slave-master, Han Solo. Every now and then he€™d fly a spaceship or shoot a few laser guns in the general direction of George Lucas before being repeatedly told he€™s useless by his aforementioned owner, Solo. Congratulations Chewie, you€™re basically a hairy Stormtrooper. We still love you though. Apparently.

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