10 Marvel Characters Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Could Play In The MCU

9. Doctor Midas

The Rock Hercules
Marvel Comics

Long before the Fantastic Four were finally announced to be coming to the franchise, there was already intense fan casting for Marvel’s first family. Many believe that The Rock would be the right man to bring The Thing to life, however it would be his portrayal of the Brooklyn boy Ben Grimm, not yet covered in rock, that would let him down.

To solve this problem, there is another big, brute of a character that Johnson could play, without having to worry about any skinny alter ego. Doctor Midas bears a striking resemblance to The Thing, and though he does have a similar backstory to Ben Grimm, it is not one so iconic that Marvel fans would riot if it were omitted, or tweaked.

After a failed experiment to mimic the powers of the Fantastic Four using cosmic rays, Midas found himself covered in layer of impenetrable rock, and the ability to turn anything he touched into gold (hence the name).

Midas is a rather obscure character in the Marvel Universe, however he did play a vital role in the Original Sin arc in 2014. Should the MCU ever look to adapt this particular story, The Rock could be the perfect man to orchestrate the assault on the Watcher’s lunar lair.


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