10 Marvel Cinematic Universe Characters Who Could Come Back To Life

Death is just the beginning.

In comic books, death means nothing. Some characters have remained gone for longer than others, but whenever someone is killed off now, fans simply roll their eyes and wait for their inevitable return and the launch of a new #1 series. That's the comics though; what about the movies? Well, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, death isn't always the end either. Like most movies in this genre, Marvel Studios has a very bad habit of killing off their villains. In fairness though, the majority of those who have met their maker haven't returned, but proof that you shouldn't take these departures too seriously came when Agent Coulson was resurrected following his murder at the hands of Loki in one of The Avengers' most shocking scenes. Marvel have mined great drama from that with Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D., but it still robs the 2012 superhero ensemble of one of its most impactful moments. So, which other characters (heroes and villains alike) in the Marvel Cinematic Universe could be brought back from the dead? There are a long list of casualties whose stories feel like they should continue, but another question is how Marvel could go about bringing them back. Here are ten possible candidates along with a look at how they might return to life.


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