10 Marvel Villains For Phase 4 (And Who Should Play Them)

Who could wreak havoc after Infinity War?

Marvel Studios€™ third phase of movies kicks off next year, with Captain America: Civil War. By the time Phase 3 has concluded, we will have seen the MCU€™s big bad Thanos finally take centre stage in the two Avengers: Infinity War films. After that, there€™s bound to be a need for some truly massive villains to keep the momentum going. Indeed, since his introduction at the end of Joss Whedon€™s 2012 The Avengers movie, Thanos has provided the overarching sense of threat that has tied the interconnected mega-franchise of the MCU together. It€™ll be one hell of a power vacuum that he leaves behind. So, once Thanos is presumably vanquished during Infinity War, the pressure will truly be on for Marvel to deliver new villains with a high level of menace. What Kevin Feige won€™t want to see is any more forgettable flops €“ Marvel can€™t afford more mistakes along the lines of Malekith, Whiplash and Trevor Slattery. Thankfully, the pages of Marvel Comics boast an endless supply of nefarious, no-good nut-jobs. Although we€™ve seen big names like Loki, Thanos and Ultron in the movies already, there are still plenty of A-List evildoers waiting in the wings for their chance to shine. Here€™s our top ten, and who should play them€

10. Galactus (Bryan Cranston)

If you€™re looking for a Marvel Comics character with a similar scale to Thanos, Galactus is the most obvious choice. Sometimes known as The Devourer, this villain has a tendency to eat planets. Within the continuity of the comics, he€™s the soul survivor of the universe that existed before the Big Bang that brought the current universe into existence. Galactus is ancient, massive and would probably be a lot of fans first choice for the MCU€™s next big bad. There€™s just one catch €“ Marvel Studios don€™t have the rights to use him in a movie, at the moment. Fox hold the rights to Galactus, as part of their Fantastic Four franchise. That being said, by the time that Thanos is out of the picture, Fox may have agreed to share the intellectual property with Marvel. In the event that Galactus could join the MCU, Bryan Cranston seems like an interesting choice for the role. The Breaking Bad, Godzilla and Malcolm In The Middle star is best known for his hugely intimidating performance as Walter White, AKA Heisenberg. With the help of special effects, he could make a truly terrifying overarching villain.

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