10 Massive Movie Franchises With No Interesting Characters

10. Fifty Shades


This shouldn't really come as a surprise given that the entire point of these film adaptations was to mass-market some big screen titillation to the cabal of Karens around the world who had devoured every page of the source material that was completely laughable to begin with.

Nobody was expecting fully-realized and three-dimensional characters from three movies that originally spawned from the loins of Twilight fan fiction, but as well as leads Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson generating so little chemistry that it almost becomes impressive, not a single person that appeared in Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker or Fifty Shades Free acts or sounds like a human being would in real life.

Just a trilogy of pretty people doing tedious things, the franchise still managed to gobble over $1.3bn as the studio indulged in some pitch-perfect marketing to their target audience. That being said, nobody came for the characters... in fact, that's probably a very poor choice of words.


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