10 Massive Movie Twists That Were Secretly Obvious

10. It Literally Flashes Before Your Eyes - Fight Club

Fight Club€'™s twist would be on many people€™s lists of all-time best rug-pulls. The Narrator is Tyler Durden; Edward Norton and Brad Pitt are one and the same. It€™'s pure genius, and it definitely comes as a hefty surprise on first viewing.

However, when you watch it back a second time, it€™'s easy to spot the seeds being sown for this gigantic twist throughout the film. Not least, you have the oft-screen-grabbed instances of Tyler flashing up in the background for a brief second, teasing that he was a part of The Narrator€™'s psyche long before they actually €˜met.€™

There€™'s also one massive dialogue tease that pretty much gives the game away, if you know what you€™'re looking for. When physically beating himself up in front of his boss, The Narrator intones that €œFor some reason, this reminded me of my first fight with Tyler.€ Plot indicators don€™'t come much more obvious than that.


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