10 Massive Unanswered Movie Mysteries (That Were Actually Solved)

9. Who Keyed Vincent's Car? - Pulp Fiction

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Tarantino is a man who loves to plant easter eggs and mysteries throughout his movies. The biggest from Pulp Fiction is the question of what's in the damn briefcase, which screenwriter Roger Avary revealed in a snarky sort of way; an orange lightbulb.

A more subtle mystery is who the hell keyed Vincent’s car? He’s understandably upset when he discovers this, yet the culprit is never revealed. It shouldn’t be a huge shock if you think on it; it was Butch, after his less than friendly encounter with Vincent in the bar earlier that day.

Fans suspected this was the case for many years, and Tarantino later confirmed it during a radio interview. Considering what Butch would later do to Vincent after finding him in the apartment, he really should have been more polite.


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