10 Massively Missed Opportunities In Recent Movies

What a waste.

Star Wars The Force Awakens Leia

At the end of the day, filmmaking isn't much more than a series of choices, with filmmakers and actors hoping that they make enough of the right ones to give fans a good time.

And while the majority of these 10 films are in the least pretty decent movies - if not legitimately great - each of them nevertheless stared a golden opportunity in the face and totally ignored it.

These movies all flirted with a great dramatic conceit - be it a dose of third-act insanity, a well-earned death scene or a crowd-pleasing superhero debut - but ultimately decided to do anything but.

Did the decisions ruin these movies? In most cases, no, but audiences were nevertheless left baffled that such obviously correct storytelling choices were so flatly veered away from.

While it's possible for a few of these films to remedy these issues in sequels - or, in one case, just by not having a sequel at all - for the most part the damage has been done...


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