10 MCU Castings Everyone Expects To Happen

2. Giancarlo Esposito - Professor X

Giancarlo Esposito Professor X
AMC & Marvel

Yet there's perhaps no MCU casting rumour more "concrete" than the widely-accepted belief that Breaking Bad's Giancarlo Esposito has been cast as the MCU's version of Professor Charles Xavier.

In a recent interview, Esposito confirmed that he had met with Marvel Studios about possibly working together in the future, and when discussing who he'd like to play in the MCU, he stated that he had his sights set on Professor X.

Now, conventional Hollywood wisdom says that publicly stating your enthusiasm for a role is an easy way to get yourself taken out of the running, but Kevin Feige and company may well make an exception for an actor as respected as Esposito, who would bring a unique gravitas to the part of Charles Xavier.

While we may not hear an official casting announcement for some time, there's very little chance that Esposito isn't in heavy consideration for the part at least, and his casting would certainly make most fans incredibly happy.

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