10 MCU Moments Better Than Their Comic Origin

Marvelous movie moments that rise above their comic book beginnings...

Marvel Studios

The MCU is a modern-day miracle of cinema, with its expansive nature, interconnected narratives and likeable and aspirational characters entertaining audiences, impressing critics and shattering box-office records since the release of the first Iron Man movie in 2008 and showing no signs of stopping even after the end of the Infinity Saga.

Due to its influence, characters who were once considered to be in the B-list such as Iron Man and Black Panther are now household names and various actors with the first name of Chris are nearly at the top of the Hollywood mountain. However, it would be amiss of anyone to ignore that the comic books that inspired this massive franchise. Seminal Marvel storylines such as the Infinity Gauntlet, Demons in a Bottle, and Planet Hulk have inspired all of the MCU films to varying levels of success.

But it hasn't always been a case of pure adaptation, as the MCU tends to steer away from the source material to throw in some shocks. And frankly, the films have on more than one occasion surpassed their source material and turned cheesy, problematic, or otherwise dull moments into gems that added to their movies' overall entertainment value and quality.


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